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Ways To Work In Solidarity 

Now that we've explored concepts of race, racism, privilege and, allsyhip, below are some articles, tips, and checklists for how to support current racial justice struggles.


While Black Lives Matter is highly visible, be sure to seek out and support organizations and initiatives in our community that are dedicated to racial justice, supporting youth and adults of color, and fostering dialogue around issues of injustice and inequality.

Much of the information out there is about what white people can do to work in solidarity with black people. This is an incredibly important call for white people to own up, step up, and show up. Yet, the Black Lives Matter movement, like the Civil Rights movement is also a deeply multiracial movement. Our communities and our identities are much more than binaries of "black" and "white". The "For People of Color" section of the Toolkit provides additional tools for allies of color and for all of us to understand the importance of interracial solidarity and an intersectional understanding of racial justice.   

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