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Healing, Self Care & JOY 
You matter. The following section provides links to resources for people of color in the wake of the tragedy and trauma of racial injustice in our country.
Black Lives Matter co-founder, Alicia Garza reminds us that "BLM is a movement to build a multiracial democracy that benefits all of us. It didn’t start as a 501c3. It’s a love note to black people.” 
Why Self-Care? 
How To Practice Self-Care
POETRY  & music
Black JOY  & Care Free Black Kids 
  • In A World Where Black Lives Matter...            
        I Imagine (a project of Black Lives Matter)
  • "Glory" by John Legend & Common
  • "Black Girl Blues" Poem
  • "Rebel (I Find It Hard To Say)" by Lauryn Hill
  • "Dear White America" by Danez Smith 
  • Rochester, New York Black Pride Promo
  • Racial Discussion Fatigue Syndrome by Akilah Obviously 
  • "Young, Gifted & Black" by Nina Simone 
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